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  • So..... we Built a Tiki Hut!

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on November 14 2018

    So..... we Built a Tiki Hut!

     So…. We Made a Tiki Hut! Something about the summer air and the palm greens got us thinking of building a Tiki Hut!

  • Sapphire the September Birthstone

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on September 07 2018

    Sapphire the September Birthstone
    Sapphire he birthstone for September is a stone of wisdom and of royalty, blue sapphire is also known to have divine connections and the power of prophecy. 
  • Birthstones a RUBY for JULY

    After Pay

    Posted on June 05 2018

    Birthstones a  RUBY for JULY

    Health, wealth and wisdom; love success, stirring of the imagination and arousal of the senses… all synonymous with the ruby. What better way to show your love than by gifting a ruby for a special July birthday?