Earrings Serendipity Roman Glass

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The history behind each pair of our Earrings Serendipity Roman glass is amazing to imagine. Hand cut antique glass set off with pale aqua Fluorite and swarovski crystal beads.
Each pair is handmade exclusively for us. 


  • 4.2cm long total.
  • Handmade in Noosa, Australia.
  • The feature is a piece of very old Roman Glass that has been hand cut from old glass found buried. 
  • Each piece will carry its own history and we will never know exactly what it was!
  • The beads are Fluorite in pale aqua and some will have touches of mauve.
  • Every pair of earrings is different and there will never be another like it.
  • Hook is 925 Silver.
  • Please handle with care as the stone can chip if dropped on a hard surface.