Necklace Australian Opal Hidden Gem

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This opal is a one off piece, a hand cut and shaped light matrix opal, there is a lovely pale mauve crystal cave on one side, the top surface shows a mysterious bright green sparkle under sunlight. This genuine Australian Opal pendant stone was cut and polished by North Shore Studio in Australia. There will never be another piece exactly the same, it is unique. The shape and form of this very pretty and feminine piece has been determined by the formations in the rough material.

Please take really good care of your opal jewellery, avoid any chemical contact including make up, perfume and hairspray. Opals are somewhat fragile and can chip, shatter and be damaged by dropping or any sharp impact. Store in a cloth or a soft jewellery case.


  • A very soft and pretty Australian Matrix opal.
  • Australian Opal cut and polished in Noosa Australia.
  • The necklace was made in North Shore Studio, in Noosa Australia.
  • The necklace contains many tiny sparkling faceted gemstone beads, these are cut from what would otherwise be waste material from the gem cutting industry. Also matte glass beads at the back
  • Pendant is 5cm total length.
  • 1.9cm wide.
  • The necklace length is 46cm/18 inches
  • Please be careful with any cosmetic chemical around natural gems as they can damage the surface.
  • Dropping your good jewellery can result in stones becoming loose or chipping, please treat this necklace with love and care.