Necklace Cay Island Amazonite Sparkle


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The blue of a wave as it turns in the sunlight, the sparkle of the spray against the sky.

  • Gemstones necklace beads are Amazonite and Aquamarine.
  • Necklace is 41cm in length and can extend to 44cm.
  • In keeping with the spirit of what we wish the piece to be, this necklace is perfect.
  • All findings are sterling silver.
  • Inclusions and natural imperfections will occur when using hand cut beads, these add to the story and the romance of the piece.
  • Made in Noosa Australia.


Gemstone Details

Faceted Amazonite and Aquamarine beads.

Handmade in Noosa Australia.

Birthstone Details

March: Aquamarine, the primary birthstone for March, mirrors the tranquillity of ocean waters. It represents happiness, hope, and everlasting youth. In times past, it was believed to offer protection to those at sea.

Jewellery Care

Please treat your piece with the care and love with which it was made. Remember gemstones can chip or shatter if dropped, so keep in a soft safe space when not wearing.

To store this necklace lie it flat in a soft box, be careful to not twist or bend as it will kink the necklace.