Necklace Lula Sente



This necklace is from our exclusive range of jewellery highlighting beautiful handcrafted glass Gooseberry beads. These delightful glass beads are  handcrafted on the island of Java. Indonesia has a ancient and storied tradition of glass-making that extends back over one thousand years. Unfortunately in recent years beads such as these have become more difficult to find as village artisans migrate towards modern cities.


Drawing from her African past, our designer Lula has produced an inspirational and joyful range of Necklaces and earrings.



  • Handcrafted glass Gooseberry beads fron Java.
  • Highlighted by turquoise and orange glass seed beads.
  • Handmade for Mombasa Rose.
  • Necklace is 37-44  cm long.
  • When storing please do not bend or twist the necklace
  • Please treat your piece with the care and love with which it was made. Remember glass beads can chip or shatter if dropped, so keep in a soft safe space when not wearing.