Pendant Opal Crystal Mystery

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Wearing an opal is a lovely way to remember that you love your land Australia. The Australian boulder opal pendant necklace is strung with very tiny faceted gemstones. This is a lovely and affordable way to show where your heart lies.  

Please take really good care of your opal jewellery, avoid any chemical contact including make up, perfume and hairspray. Do not swim or shower whilst wearing this pendant. Opals are somewhat fragile and can chip, shatter and be damaged by dropping or any sharp impact. Store in a cloth or a soft jewellery case.


  • The opal is mined in Australia.
  • It has been cut and polished by our master cutter in our Noosa studio,
  • Strung in Australia for Mombasa Rose.
  • One off piece, the pendant is a crystal opal with yellow and green flashes, the sides are the host boulder stone which has been highly polished.
  • Necklace made from tiny faceted chalcedony stones
  • Inclusions and natural imperfections may occur.
  • Colours will display differently in varied light.
  • Every single piece of Opal will have different colour play and inclusions