Pendant Tree of Life on Abalone Shell

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This pure and lovey Abalone shell pendant is polished to a high shine, it has a gorgeous Tree of life detail wire wrapped over the surface.When you wear Abalone shell it is believed to promote beauty, health, good luck, and healing. 



  • Natural Mosaic Abalone Shell base.
  • Also known as Marine Opal.
  • Each pendant is untreated and carries a different pattern.
  • Hangs from a Silver coloured wrapped Bail .
  • Comes on a chain.
  • 5 cm long.
  • 3cm wide.
  • Hand cut seashell.
  • The stone has a high shine polish.
  • Please handle with care as the stone can chip if dropped on a hard surface.
  • Each pendant comes on a silvery coloured chain.