Pendant Winton Opal Green Flash


This opal has a lovely green flash across the centre of the stone, it is cut into a rounded oval and shows the mark of the artist who cut and polished the stone. It has a river of blue running down one side.  

  • Comes on a silver chain.
  • Australian Boulder Opal.
  • Freeform rounded oval shape
Gemstone Details

This Australian opal pendant has bright flashes of colour across the stone, on a dark base.

Cut into a circle it resembles the moon.

Designed in the Noosa Opal Cutting and Jewellery Studio.

Responsibly sourced solid Australian Opal pendant.

Birthstone Details

October: Opal, a captivating gem renowned for its enchanting play of colours, is a symbol of creativity, inspiration, and imagination. Much like the ever-changing ocean, opal's kaleidoscope of hues mirrors the dynamic nature of life. In ancient times, Greeks believed that opals granted the gift of prophecy and protection from disease. Throughout history, Europeans considered opal as a symbol of purity, hope, and truth.

Jewellery Care

Please take really good care of your opal jewellery, avoid any chemical contact including make up, perfume and hairspray. Opals are somewhat fragile and can chip, shatter and be damaged by dropping or any sharp impact. Store in a cloth or a soft jewellery case.

Please be careful with any cosmetic chemical around natural gems as they can damage the surface.

Refrain from putting undue pressure on the necklace.
Dropping your good jewellery can result in stones becoming loose or chipping.