Buttons Vintage Irregular Mother of Pearl Shell on Card x 144 Buttons



Marvelously irregular and obviously hand cut, these buttons were purchased 45 years ago by my mother from a trader in Durban South Africa, they are most likely from the 1930,s. The buttons come hand stitched onto silver foil and card.  They are all charmingly different with the four holes very irregular. These natural buttons will put the finishing touches to your button front shirt. 


  • Each button is 3/8 of an inch across.
  • Sold on cards of 144 buttons.
  • Hand cut four hole shell buttons.
  • Shirt buttons.
  • These buttons are flat, each button has its own hand cut look.
  • The backs are not polished.
  • Should be stitched on by hand as they are fragile.
  • Should not be put into a washing machine.