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The Mombasa Rose Story

Life is beautiful, dress accordingly. Mombasa Rose was born in the early 2000's in sunny Queensland, it is the creative endeavour of the Lawson Family.  

Together with our beautiful team of dedicated staff we strive to bring our vision to life.

All of our exclusive ranges which are only available through are designed in sunny Brisbane for free spirited fashion lovers who crave adventure, days at the beach and cocktail nights under clear starry skies.

Join us on our journey as we sew, bake cakes, wander along white sand beaches and fall in love with every puppy we meet! This is Fashion for Daydreamers. 


Our Donations

We are regular donators to the following charities and causes. 


Ladles of Love South Africa


Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)


Jewellery for Hope

Helping the Homeless in Cape Town South Africa


Garment that are returned due to manufacturing faults are repaired by our in-house team and sent to a domestic violence program on the Gold Coast or a Refugee Community Centre in South Brisbane.