Pendant Undersea Floating Pearl



This necklace is from our range showcasing the jewellery designs from North Shore Opals studio in Australia. The pendant is solid silver, it is cast from the surface of a Pippi shell, and designed to carry the pearl bubble on the waves reaching the shore. Inspiration for the designer was the Noosa North Shore in Australia. The back of the piece has been enamelled to look like a rock pool with aqua water, sea sand and pebbles. This pendant  is very mystical and pretty. The design is original  Made for Mombasa Rose exclusively.

Please take really good care of your designer jewellery, avoid any chemical contact including make up, perfume and hairspray.  Store in a cloth or a soft jewellery case.


  • Made exclusively for Mombasa Rose Boutique.
  • Cast and designed by North Shore Opals Studio, Australia.
  • The silver feature  is 3.5cm long.
  • The pendant is solid silver.
  • The pearl is natural.
  • This pendant is very delicate and incredibly pretty, wear it with love.
  • Comes on a solid silver chain.
  • This silver pearl carrying shell is made by an artist who allows the design to take its own form, telling its own story.
  • The delicate inscriptions on both sides add to the narrative of the piece.
  • Every necklace in the Undersea range is a one off piece and cannot be duplicated exactly the same.
  • This piece must be stored flat.
  • This piece can be polished by rubbing softly with a silver cloth.