Earrings Gemstone Sun & Sky


A beautiful turquoise sky and a sparkling citrine sun. 

  • Kingman turquoise, apatite, citrine and cultured pearls. 
  • Earring length approx 3.8cm long from piercing hole to base.
  • Gemstone drop is approx 1.8cm.  
  • 14k gold plated brass hook & findings.
  • Made in Brisbane, Australia by Ocean Rose Jewels.
  • Every pair of earrings from Ocean Rose Jewels comes beautifully packaged in a either a microfibre pouch or custom jewellery box.

Gemstone Details

Kingman turquoise tumbled bead: sourced from the USA this turquoise has been stabilised to ensure longevity but it has not received any colour treatments.

Apatite flat cut bead: colour enhanced.

Citrine faceted round bead: high quality citrine with natural colour variations in the stone.

Cultured pearl bead.

Inclusions and natural imperfections will occur when using hand cut beads, these add to the story and the romance of the piece.

Birthstone Details

June: Pearl, originating from oceans, lakes, and rivers around the world, is a classic choice known for its purity, humility, and elegance. It's a timeless reminder of the ocean's hidden treasures.

November: Citrine, a sunny gem, represents positivity, calmness, and success.

December: Turquoise, a vibrant blue-green gem, symbolises protection, fortune, and health. Its colour captures the essence of the natural world's beauty.

Jewellery Care

Please treat your piece with the care and love with which it was made. Remember gemstones can chip or shatter if dropped, so store in a soft safe place.

Visit our Jewellery Care page to find out more about how to make your beautiful handmade jewels live their best life.