10 ways to style with flowers


 Daphne ~ our Mombasa Rose Flower Child

  1. Edible flowers

So many ways ~ but be sure to only use edible flowers and be careful that they have not been sprayed with insecticide!

Think violets, nasturtiums, decorate cupcakes, yoghurt and granola breakfast, big jugs of iced tea full of fruit and flowers

  1. Quick and easy fascinator

Choose a real flower that does not need water such as a paper Daisy or everlasting, then gather a little piece of net into a rosette and stitch on the flower and attach it to a pretty diamante hair clip.

  1. Pressed flowers

When flowers begin to fade press them between the pages of an old book or magazine but don’t use a treasured book as the petals stain the pages

  1. Easy mini Bouquet

Pick a small bunch of flowers and cut to a uniform length, strip away all the leaves from the ends, then starting at the top tightly wrap a velvet ribbon or length of lace around the stems for about seven inches. Leave the rest of the stems bare

  1. Place cards

Too easy! Find an autumn leaf or light-coloured leaf and simply write the name on it, using a gold sharpie marker is pretty. Then tie it to your parcel.

  1. Creative Gift Wrapping

Choose one flower and a matching leaf or vine, a length of ribbon or lace or raffia. Wrap the gift and tie it up with the ribbon then at the last minute tie on the flower, of course this works best if the gift is a pretty pair of flower earrings! Or you can find a small gift and a large leaf to use as wrapping!

  1. Candle holder

Fill a pretty pot with floral foam add water and place the candle on top, then stick your choice of flowers and berries around the edge, just be sure the candle doesn’t burn down and light the flowers!

  1. Succulents in op shop mugs

Pick up a bag of old coffee mugs from the local “op” shop, then you can find reasonably priced succulents in any weekend market. Pop them into the mugs and place some little stones around the edge, so pretty when you can mass about 10 or 15 on a layered shelf. Some succulents have really bright pretty flowers too.

  1. Buy Shiny Buckets and baskets from the hardware store

Fill them with armfuls of chrysanthemums and greenery that will last for a few weeks, in autumn use pretty dried leaves, or big bunches of chilli peppers

  1. WEAR your flowers!

Choose one of our oh so pretty wrap around summer dresses in a gorgeous floral print and fell so so super!









July 04, 2018 — Mombasa Rose
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