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  • So..... we Built a Tiki Hut!

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on November 14 2018

    So..... we Built a Tiki Hut!

     So…. We Made a Tiki Hut! Something about the summer air and the palm greens got us thinking of building a Tiki Hut!

  • Henrietta, Lizzie and Lola

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on October 02 2018

    Henrietta, Lizzie and Lola
    Loved Henrietta? Moved on to Lizzie, now we introduce Lola and her sister Little Lola.
  • Sapphire the September Birthstone

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on September 07 2018

    Sapphire the September Birthstone
    Sapphire he birthstone for September is a stone of wisdom and of royalty, blue sapphire is also known to have divine connections and the power of prophecy. 
  • Getting the Name Right

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on August 08 2018

    Getting the Name Right

    Ever wondered how we come up with names for our gorgeous floral dresses?Thinking up a pretty name that best describes the dress is always amusing

  • 10 Ways to Style with Flowers

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on July 04 2018

    10 Ways to Style with Flowers
    10 ways to style with flowers from Daphne, our Mombasa Rose Flower Child, there are so many ways to use flowers that bring harmony and colour to your life.