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  • Perfect Prezzies!

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on December 02 2019

    Perfect Prezzies!
    The best presents sometimes also sparkle and shine! Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Citrine and silver, "Hey! Hi Santa!"
  • Sparkling Blue Topaz Jewells

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on November 01 2019

    Sparkling Blue Topaz Jewells
    The prettiest new jewellery set with gorgeous pale blue Topaz stones, reminiscent of sea spray or a pale morning sky.
  • Tiny Pendants and Dainty jewellery

    Mombasa Rose

    Posted on May 20 2019

    Tiny Pendants and Dainty jewellery
    I don't always feel like wearing statement pieces, sometimes a tiny pendant of green onyx on a gold chain is just what I need.