Tiny pendants and dainty jewellery

I don't always feel like wearing statement pieces, sometimes a tiny pendant of green onyx on a gold chain is just what I need, so here are some tips on wearing delicate dainty jewellery

Pick simple, clean pieces. When it comes to wearing minimalist jewelry, you don't want to get too fussy. However, you don't want to make it so simple that it's boring and invisible. The key is picking pieces that give a tiny splash of colour or detail while still being minimal, perfect choice is a tiny gemstone in a clean setting hanging from a silver or gold chain or set in a ring. A single pearl on tiny silver band can look just so feminine and pretty


Limit what you wear. If you want to keep it minimalist, this means you need to keep to just a few pieces of jewelry if possible, such as a dainty necklace or two, bracelet, or earrings. If you want to wear earrings with a necklace, keep the earrings very minimal, such as basic studs in plain gold or silver or a sparkly diamond!


Keep your lines separate. To keep your look simple, you need clean lines,  This means that the lines you wear shouldn't overlap. Your skin is the base background, give each piece room to be seen. For instance, don't let your necklace go over your shirt line or your bracelet clash with your watch


Wear a lariat backwards. A lariat is a long necklace that ends in a single chain that drops down from the middle of the necklace. It usually has a small pendant on the end. You can wear a lariat with any number of tops, but another idea is to turn the necklace around so that the pendant hangs down the back, very sexy to have a tiny sliver of gold chain snaking down your back!. This style works best with dresses that have a low-cut back.


Mix up your materials. If you do wear stacked pieces or many pieces, mixing materials can add texture colour and interest to your look. For instance, you could have a choker made out of leather along with a dainty gold necklace or a dainty necklet of tiny seashells worn with a little moonstone and gold pendant.


Don't give up on charms.  Wearing a small charm or two on a dainty chain necklace can bring meaning to your jewellery without adding too much bulk, Tiny charms on a chain bracelet can be this century’s version of the heavy silver chain bracelets that were popular long ago. A nice idea is to find one of those old charms, something that matches your lifestyle and hang it from a really narrow ribbon.


If you have a lot of detailed tops with different elements such as lace, ruffles, prints, cutouts, beads, then you can definitely take out and wear  your delicate necklaces because they are the perfect add-on to your embellished tops because you don’t want to over accessorize your look.


May 20, 2019 — Mombasa Rose