Rodochrosite crystal meaning is associated with the rose, the symbol of love that can be traced back to the Incas, who called the stone "Inca Rose."

According to legend, these pink gems formed from the blood of their kings and queens. Ruled by the planet Venus, the Rhodochrosite stone meaning comes from its healing pink hue, the color of love. Like the soft petals of a rose, the Rhodochrosite stone supports feelings of compassion, deeper emotional connections, and openness to love without judgment or expectations. The green leaves of the rose stem symbolize our potential for growth while the thorns remind us to face painful truths with loving awareness.

Pink is the color of love, which makes the Rhodochrosite properties a powerful addition to your collection of heart-based healing crystals. The Rhodochrosite meaning is known for attracting love by opening its healing vibrations. Feel your spirit begin to soar as old emotional wounds dissolve like melted candy, releasing energy blockages keeping you from happiness.


This subtle beauty is more than a love potion. When facing painful matters of the heart, this crystal gives us the courage to trust another soul with our vulnerable hearts.

The Rhodochrosite stone meaning gives us the inner strength to take another chance at love, because even if you fall, this crystal will always catch you.


October 12, 2021 — Rose Lawson