Our Island pink

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Pink is joyful

The colour pink is a shade that evokes feelings of joy and happiness. Pink can have a strong and deep emotional influence, the colour pink to me has a deeply joyful vibe to it, Like being "home."  


Pink Is a Creative Idea like “hmmmmm? new earrings?”

Pink gives off a creative and artistic vibe. It is a happy colour and it can make me feel creative. Its great to experiment with wearing pink even if this is not something you have done before and choosing a little pop of pink in an earring is a great way to start.

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Pink Is Feminine and Pretty and sometimes sparkles!

Pink is both feminine as well as vibrant. It can sparkle expensively like a pink diamond or softly glow like Rose Quartz.

Bright pink, or a paler shade, makes me feel flirty and feminine.

Flowers, romantic gestures, and kindness

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Pink Is Uplifting

Pink is a really inspiring colour, it makes me think of springtime flowers, island flowers and all things fresh and new. Walk through a garden of pink roses and you will find it hard not to be happy.

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Pink is Moody

Hot pink is vivacious and joyous.

Pale pink is delicious (when it’s a fresh macaroon)

Island pink is a tropical hibiscus flower or a riot of cerise bougainvillea.

Peachy pink can a beautiful Morganite gemstone or a bottle of rose infused perfume.

And then there’s a great big bite of fresh watermelon on a white sand beach, or a perfect pink conch shell lapped by the mint blue Caribbean sea.

Pink is Emotive

A quick check at the paint shop and I found the best ever pink names!



French Rose

Pearl Blush

Pink Chablis

Cupids Kiss


Peach Blossom


January 09, 2020 — Mombasa Rose