Necklace Cay Opal Outback with Natural Gemstones and Australian Opal Centrepiece



This necklace has been designed using so many different semi precious gemstones, it is absolutely divine and will become a conversation piece, it has the colours of the earth and the sea, the plants and the rocks.

Each is a one off piece as every natural stone has its own characteristics, the stones are all natural semi precious gems, there is a gorgeous harmony achieved that is reminiscent of the colours in the rocks and the water of Australia.

  • The centrepiece of this divine necklace is a divine piece of Australian opal.
  • This opal formed in the crevices of the rock over millions of years ago.
  • Each stone is totally unique and no two stones are ever the same
  • This stone has a perfect high gloss finish and stunning flashes of mysterious blue purple light.
  • Stones include Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Crystal and Carnelian. 
  • Total length 52cm.
  • When storing please do not bend or twist the necklace.
  • Chemicals and cosmetics can damage the opal and other stones.