Necklace Crystal Honey Shards

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The Crystal Dream Necklace is designed and assembled using an assortment of new, old and repurposed material, each bead has a story to tell and together they are a powerful link to what was and what is to come. None of the stones are perfect, some are rough shards, some are village cut and some are highly polished. This necklace is a one off exclusive and handmade in Noosa. Please treat your piece with the care and love with which it was made. Remember gemstones can chip or shatter if dropped, so keep in a soft safe space when not wearing. 


  • Necklace is 46cm/18 inches in length.
  • A short necklace to be worn high at the neck.
  • Stones are polished and rough Citrine and Rock Crystal.
  •  Not regular production line beads, some carry inclusions and rough edges..
  • In keeping with the spirit of what we wish the piece to be, this necklace is perfect, it is a dream of the sweetness of honey.
  • Treat this necklace carefully as there will never be another necklace exactly like this one, every crystal shard necklace is made by hand in our Noosa studio.
  • To store this necklace lie it flat in a soft box, be careful to not twist or bend.