Getting to know you 

Inspiring gardener and instagramer @mygardenplantsandflowers is always a great source of inspiration at Mombasa Rose


We caught up with her and asked her some of our favourite fizzy questions!

 Of course, the first question will be what is your favourite flower?



What is your favourite public garden?

Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town


What water saving measures are you taking in your garden at present, as Cape Town is currently in the grip of a horrible drought ?

 My “needy” plants are all in containers/troughs etc.

I use water sparingly although we did put in a borehole after the last drought(foresight)


Pick your favourite celebrity gardener?

 Who can’t love Alan Titchmarsh


Cut flowers or leave in the garden?

 Leave in the garden generally, odd rose for a specimen vase


Your Instagram posts are always so lovely and colourful, so what is your favourite colour?

 That’s a difficult question! Bright and Beautiful, and peaceful pastels. If I was pressed for an answer probably pink in all its forms


What was the last pretty thing you bought?

 My Petal Peony pink maxi wrap dress I bought online from Mombasa Rose

Petal Peony Pink


What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?



Something you would never wear?

A bikini


Do you have a favourite perfume?

Chanel No 5 (My big spoil)

Its also one of the few perfumes in the world still made from actual Rose Petals.


Do you have a favourite dress in your wardrobe and is it a floral?

 My Petal Peony pink floral dress is so feminine, suitable for so many occasions


We know that Gem explorer Charles Lawson of Lawson Gems is your nephew so do you have a favourite gemstone?

 Blue Sapphire any time! Charles gifted me a gorgeous sapphire last time he was in Africa and I wear the pendant all the time.


If you could turn a flower into a piece of jewellery what would you choose?

A Daisy


Your best loved garden creature?

 Our friendly garden squirrel Steven, he visits every day for his peanuts 🐿


When you’re at a buffet, how many trays of food do you start off with?

Actually only the one, but lets not go into how many return visits I might make!

January 12, 2018 — Mombasa Rose