They are laser cut from silver or gold toned metal, the shapes are finely cut out with little shaped holes that make them even lighter, and so catch the light and sparkle pettily. Think sunlight on the beach or candle light at dinnertime!

The newest range is based on either round or teardrop hoops with a central cut out motif, there is a tiny silver snowflake in a silver circle or the larger tear drop hoop with a fancy little feather in rose gold colour.

The next drop of this Fluttery style will include more of the waterfall style including a waterfall of little retro watch faces and also palm trees in silver and gold.

Depending on your tastes and outfit you can choose from the softly pretty butterfly wing silhouette or even the cut-out shape of a leaf or flower.

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For a more definite fashion look to wear with boho style dresses, choose a gold earring the shape of a seed pod or maybe a large silver butterfly.

Check the jewellery section to see how much fun we have had photographing the new styles for the internet store, so many pictures! When to stop!

At a really great price $9.99 - $11.99 its easy to find yourself with more than one pair

April 13, 2018 — After Pay