We have some ideas for stylish and comfortable travel outfits

Looking cool on your day of travel is important. And not only because you’re excited and want to put your best foot forward, but also because it’s fun to pretend/convince the customs officer that you have your life together!

After all, when you’re rummaging to find your juice, moisturiser and electronics, using the perfect combination of grace and efficiency, a cool outfit can get you into the “Not a Total Amateur at Life” category.

We have some ideas for stylish and comfortable travel outfits—from your home, to the airport, to your exotic destination, and back again. Look comfortable and confident when you fly, drive or ride the rails!

What Makes a Good Travel Outfit?

When it comes to travel outfit ideas, you need to focus on a few points



Appropriate Dress


The first key to having fashionable (and enviable) travel outfits is style! Check out Pintrest to get travel outfits that fit your style.

Stick to a colourway so that you never have to spend too long picking an outfit.

If you are travelling to warmer countries pick up a couple of sarongs or scarves from the markets, it’s a good way to support local traders and they make great tops or even dresses if tied cleverly. Also keep buying the local T shirts!

A good start for your travel wardrobe is with a pair of versatile printed pants that can take you from the Inca trail to The Eiffel tower via big game watching in South Africa!

Perfect for any smarter dressing is to pack a pretty and stylish wrap around dress, our Petal wrap dresses in rayon can easily be steamed out in a hotel bathroom just by running a very hot bath and letting the hot steam remove any creases.

An easy way to change your look with out adding to the weight of your suitcase is with a pair of statement earrings.


Leave your stilettos/designer shoes at home (or in your backpack) and go with a pair of sneakers and a pair of dressier sandals. The goal for a Mombasa Rose daydreamer should be a relaxed style, allowing you to dress for comfort without looking like you don’t give a damn.

Wear breathable natural fabrics— materials that allow air and moisture to pass through — like cotton, silk, rayon or linen.

Fabrics that don’t allow air to circulate will hold sweat on the skin, likely making you feel dirtier faster and probably necessitating a good spin in the washing machine upon landing.


Getting your travel wardrobe right is also about showing respect and treading lightly on the sensitivities of cultures where religion plays a significant role, or where tradition decrees a more conventional approach to dress in general.

It’s always a good idea to pack with personal safety and cultural sensitivity in mind.

If you are headed to a country which holds deeply religious views, such as those in the Middle East, certain parts of Africa and Asia? Dress conservatively and know that revealing too much skin can cause offense and attract unwanted attention, especially when covering up is part of the religion.

Dress requirements for temple visits are easily met by covering knees and elbows in loose fitting clothes, and wrapping a scarf over your shoulders, or head for good measure.

As with many traditional or developing nations, notions of what’s suitable can swing from ‘western’ to conformist in a heartbeat.

A last point on cultural sensitivity is to think about the unintentional messages your fashion choices might be sending out. Try to avoid prints with religious or military symbols, T shirts with swear words, national flags and any words or symbols written in a language you cannot translate! It’s also not a bad idea to leave religious jewellery at home, just go with jewellery that pretty and superlightweight like our Flutter Earrings



May 28, 2018 — Mombasa Rose