Shiva Eye Seashell Jewellery

Shiva Shell sometimes called Pacific Cat’s Eye, is a stunning natural gem made of calcium it has a beautiful spiral in the shape of a wave on one side and has a brown and black eye on the other. The Shiva Eye Seashell used for each piece is actually the natural protective door, known as the ‘operculum’ of the shell of a Turban sea snail.



It has reputed healing and protective properties. The same crystal mineral is present in the soothing waters of spas and hot springs. In Hindu religion the Third Eye of Lord Shiva symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, flow of life and energy. Some believe it brings good luck & happiness & even promotes prosperity when stored with money.


When set in 925 Sterling Silver, the Shiva Eye seashell jewellery is really lovely with a pretty and calming vibe. This is a really popular range of seashell jewellery, because you get two pendants in one, the white side is very neutral and easy to wear the side with a pronounced darker wave shape is more eye-catching.


It’s also very summery and beachy when worn on a simple cord. Shiva Eye seashell jewellery can also be very elegant matched with the right chain or choker, or can be easily worn everyday on a simple black cord for a cool minimalist look.

When preyed upon, the mollusk will withdraw into its shell and turn its ‘eye’ toward the attacker in the hope of warding it off. When the turban snail nears the end of its natural life, the protective eye drops away to the sea bed. This is what is known as the Shiva Eye shell. These can often be picked up washed onto the beach, common on the East coast of Australia and the Pacific Islands.



March 10, 2020 — Rose Lawson