Winter green

What does wearing green say about you? Maybe you are celebrating St. Patricks Day and wearing the color of the Ireland, which is also known as The Emerald Isle.  But most likely it’s because green is the most restful color to the eyes…we are calmed when we surround ourselves with countryside green


Green is a color that can evoke powerful emotions, it symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. 

Green has great healing power. Since ancient times, green stones have been known to promote healing. Malachite and Emerald are said to work incredibly well. We have been discovering some oh so pretty green gemstones at the soft pale green Flourite gems are available to buy as loose stones and then you can have your local artisan jeweller set them into your own design. Such fun!


One of our more unknown stones is the gorgeous Australian gemstones Chrysoprase, have a look on for some great examples of this stone and see also that it is all responsibly sourced.



Green can also stand for luck and money so it could be a great color to wear when you’re asking for that raise or making an investment! In addition, research has shown that green is the most restful color to the eyes…we are refreshed and soothed when we surround ourselves with green and it is a wonderful color to have around for concentration or any sedentary task.




As a final look at green gems, here is a stunning Australian Opal from

This amazing piece of solid opal was mined in Coober Pedy, the piece is an intriguing and dazzling gemstone. It has incredible blue green fire from some angle while more subdued fire from other angle. The piece is fairly translucent so will need a closed back setting in jewellery to show off its best colour. This gem will make a fabulously standout piece of jewellery.

The piece was cut in house by Lawson Gems in their Brisbane Arcade store.

July 17, 2020 — Afterpay Integrations