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Jennifer Juniper

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Posted on August 06 2020

We named two of our absolute Favorite dresses after the song written and sung by DONOVAN in 1968

Jennifer Juniper, lives upon the hill
Jennifer Juniper, sitting very still


Is she sleeping? I don't think so
Is she breathing? Yes, very low
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love?


Jennifer Juniper, rides a dappled mare
Jennifer Juniper, lilacs in her hair


Is she dreaming? Yes, I think so
Is she pretty? Yes, ever so
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love?


I'm thinking of what it would be like if she loved me
And how just lately this happy song, it came along
And I like to somehow try and tell you


Jennifer Juniper, hair of golden flax
Jennifer Juniper, longs for what she lacks

Do you like her? Yes, I do, sir
Would you love her? Yes, I would, sir
Whatcha doing, Jennifer, my love?


Jennifer Juniper
Jennifer Juniper
Jennifer Juniper

Jennifer Juniper, vit sur la colline
Jennifer Juniper, assise très tranquille

Dort-elle? Je ne crois pas
Respire-t-elle? Oui, mais tout bas
Qu'est-ce que tu fais, Jenny, mon amour?






  Donovan 1968


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