Earrings Cloud Pearl Aquamarine


Like a softly drifting cloud in the pale morning sky, with a little pearl dangling below.

  • Simple minimal style gemstone earrings.
  • Aquamarine beads.
  • Round cultured pearl bead.
  • Hook is silver.
  • 3cm long.
Gemstone Details

Aquamarine bead

Cultered pearl

Made in Noosa, Australia exclusively for Mombasa Rose Boutique.

Birthstone Details

March: Aquamarine, the primary birthstone for March, mirrors the tranquility of ocean waters. It represents happiness, hope, and everlasting youth. In times past, it was believed to offer protection to those at sea.

Jewellery Care

Please treat your piece with the care and love with which it was made. Remember gemstones can chip or shatter if dropped, so store in a soft safe place.

Visit our Jewellery Care page to find out more about how to make your beautiful handmade jewels live their best life.