Pendant Australian Opal Free Form Rugged Cut

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Australian Opal is pure perfection, this intriguing piece of Boulder Opal was mined, cut and polished in Queensland. The flashes of colour give one a glimpse into the past. A very interesting opal, it has caves and lakes and ponds of ancient water, this is not a smooth perfect uninteresting opal, it has its own power.

This piece was formed in an opalized wood where old branches and debris have been replaced by opal forming beautifully elegant opal specimens.


  • Length is 4.5 cm
  • Width 2.5 cm
  • Sterling silver chain.
  • Inclusions and natural imperfections do occur.
  • Colours will display differently in varied light.
  • Every single piece of Opal will have different colour play and inclusions

    Due to the porous/soft nature of opals please avoid all contact with chemicals and cosmetics while wearing your opal. 

    Wearing your opal while showering, swimming or bathing will likely lead to a decreased lifespan.