Pendant Pebble Fire Agate



The Pendant Pebble Pop Fire Agate is a smooth polished piece of this mystical gemstone, it is a natural semi precious stone with truly amazing patterns within. Throughout history, this gemstone has been utilized for its believed alchemical properties and its association with fire deities. Fire Agate was believed to contain the essence of fire, and was used to encourage timid adults and shy children to speak up. It is a stone of integrity, encouraging high standards of behaviour in self and others, and promotes passion in love and in life. Its use in alchemy and association with fire deities has given it a rich history and cultural significance.



  • Comes on a gold vermeil chain.
  • Features polished pebble pendant of Fire Agate.
  • This is a natural stone with all the markings of a stone from the earth. Each stone has different markings and colours. 
  • Spiritual stone.
  • Please be careful to treat these pieces with gentleness and care, store wrapped in a cloth, and keep away from chemicals.
  • Be careful of dropping on a hard surface.