Pendant Winton Opal Red Rainbow

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This opal has a lovely flashes of colour across the centre of the stone, predominately red and pink but with green and yellow as well. It is cut into a rounded oval and shows the mark of the artist who cut and polished the stone. This genuine Australian Boulder Opal stone was cut and polished in Queensland by an Opal miner. There will never be another piece exactly the same, it is unique.

Please take really good care of your opal jewellery, avoid any chemical contact including make up, perfume and hairspray. Opals are somewhat fragile and can chip, shatter and be damaged by dropping or any sharp impact. Store in a cloth or a soft jewellery case.


  • Comes on a silver chain.
  • Australian Boulder Opal.
  • Bail is 925 silver.
  • Please be careful with any cosmetic chemical around natural gems as they can damage the surface.
  • Dropping your good jewellery can result in stones becoming loose or chipping.